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Allow me to introduce myself, I am Andrea Károlyi, the interior designer who will assist you in designing and creating your dream home. With my experience and expertise, I ensure a smooth process of planning and execution, ultimately achieving the best possible results. My sense of style and creativity help me create a home that is tailored to your unique needs and preferences, truly reflecting your personality and lifestyle.

Why choose Anddesign?

I don’t just focus on aesthetic appearance, but also on functionality. It is important to me that your home is not only beautiful but also practical and comfortable, allowing for a seamless everyday life. My references and previous work demonstrate that I provide reliable and precise work, always paying attention to deadlines and budgets.

Customer satisfaction is my primary goal, and to achieve that, I foster close collaboration with clients throughout every stage of the design and execution process. I often say that only those who desire their home to be truly exceptional, where even the smallest details are perfect, and where the entire space comes together as a truly unique and personalized living environment, should choose me.



3D Visualizations

Measure twice, cut once! We rely on thorough, 3D-based design to ensure precise execution of our important projects.


Interior Design

Creativity, sense of style, unique solutions. These are the most important aspects of our interior design solutions.


Comprehensive Execution

No one to manage the execution? We take care of the project from start to finish if needed.



With the help of a moodboard, we create the perfect visual concept together, making it easy for you to choose the right colors and materials.

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Furniture Design and Execution

Custom furniture design is the perfect solution if you want your home equipped with bespoke, high-quality, and durable furniture that meets your specific needs.

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Outdoor Furniture

Custom furniture design allows us to apply special materials, colors, patterns, and shapes, creating truly unique pieces of furniture.

Why Choose Me

When clients come to me, it’s important for me to provide them with expertise and experience. Over the years, I have worked on numerous interior design projects and have extensive knowledge and experience in various styles, materials, colors, and textures. Based on the clients’ needs and budget, I offer unique, functional, and aesthetic interior design solutions. I also provide assistance in material sourcing and project management to ensure a smooth process. Client satisfaction is paramount to me, and I always strive to listen attentively to their needs and maintain continuous communication to ensure their complete satisfaction.

These are the characteristics that define my work—practical, elegant, and inventive.


My expertise and experience allow me to find the perfect balance of form and function for each of my clients, ensuring that their new property becomes a true home. A good interior design firm possesses the expertise and experience necessary to offer unique and functional design solutions. Designers working in such firms are trained and well-informed about various styles, materials, colors, and textures that they work with.

Custom Solutions

In interior design, we often say that every project is unique, but I believe that I can find solutions that meet the needs, tastes, and budgets of my clients. I take pride in creating creative, innovative, and space-maximizing design solutions.

Material and Project Management

My primary goal is to find high-quality materials and furnishings that match my clients' style. I also prioritize efficient utilization of the purchased materials. I always strive to ensure that every step progresses smoothly. I can effectively coordinate with contractors and other professionals. Additionally, I have the necessary connections and professional knowledge to provide solutions for any project requirements.

My References

References are one of the most important aspects in interior design as they help us find reliable and high-quality professionals. Therefore, I proudly present my references, which include apartments, houses, and offices of various styles and sizes. In each project, I worked diligently to create unique and stylish interiors that fully consider the characteristics of the space and the clients’ requirements. The satisfaction of my clients and their references serve as proof that as a result of my work, the homes are not only beautiful but also comfortable and of high functionality. I believe that these references will convince you that it is worth working with me to design your dream home together.

They say about me

In relation to the renovation of our family house, we were looking for an interior designer, and a mutual acquaintance recommended Andi. We were incredibly lucky with her, everything happened according to the agreements. We would choose her again next time.
Zsanett Horváth
We invested in an apartment and had it furnished by Andi. The 3D modeling convinced us, we saw everything, knew everything, so we confidently jumped into it.
Márk Varjas
We had our garden furniture designed by the Anddesign team, and they turned out really well. They are of good quality, durable, and made from good materials. I wholeheartedly recommend them to everyone!
Zita Kenezsi

About me

Transforming homes and spatial design are my passion, and my goal is to create unique interiors based on functionality and harmony for each of my clients. With my experience and creativity, I work towards turning your ideas into a tangible reality, whether it’s about renovating an apartment, interior architectural design, or simply providing professional advice. I believe that every home has its own story and personality, which is why I value individual approach and attention to detail. My aim is to make your home reflect your personality and needs while creating a harmonious and comfortable space. If you’re looking for an interior designer who focuses on your ideas and offers tailored solutions to meet your requirements, feel free to reach out to me with confidence!


When do you need me?

Furnishing a New Property

If you are purchasing or building a new home, an interior designer can provide assistance during the design process to optimize the available space and create an interior that meets your needs.


If you want to refresh your existing home but are unsure how to begin, an interior designer can provide expert advice to help you select the right colors, materials, and furniture that best fit your style and needs.

Furniture Design and Procurement

If you desire custom furniture, accessories, or lighting for your home, an interior designer can collaborate with a furniture maker or other professionals to create unique pieces that express your personality and style.


If you value time and quality, my services can provide assistance in ensuring a smooth design process and achieving a high-quality and durable interior that meets your needs for years or even decades to come.

My References


Do you have any questions? Couldn’t find the answer to something? I’m happy to help! If you can’t find the answer to your question here, please contact me through one of the provided contact methods.

How long does it take to complete an interior design project?

The duration of a project depends on its size, complexity, and your requirements. Generally, our interior design projects take around 4-8 weeks, but this can vary depending on the specific project.

What is the process during an interior design project?

The process can vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. Generally, it starts with assessing the property and understanding your requirements. This is followed by the design phase, where our designer creates visual plans in your chosen style. Once you approve the design, the execution phase begins, involving material procurement, construction work, and final handover.

How much does an interior design project cost?

The prices vary based on the project’s size, complexity, the quality of materials used, and the design services required. An accurate quote can only be provided after assessing the property and understanding your specific needs.

What materials are used during the project?

I only use high-quality materials in my projects to ensure the longevity of your home. The selection of materials is tailored to meet the needs of the project while considering your style and preferences.

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The design of homes is an art, aiming to create your dream home. My tools are creativity and expertise.